Thursday, July 13, 2006

Single Digits

Well, it hit me hard last night. This race is going to happen and it's going to happen soon! The raceday countdown clock now reads 9 days (and ticking). It's hard to believe that I signed up for the race 355 days ago. My race number has been assigned and I will #68. There will be a total of 2440 racers in Lake Placid. That's a huge field. I'm getting so excited.

My body is resting and recovering well and I can't wait to hit the course. Colleen (my bike) has been shipped and I only have one more run with the running group tomorrow am. I'm so indebted to everyone I've met through this process. I don't think they will ever realize the impact they have all had upon my training and my life. I've never had such great friends. My career has always driven me to study, work, and recover from long nights in the hospital. There has been little time for friends outside of the hospital. And let's be honest, doctors are a weird bunch of folks. We can't seem to talk about anything besides patients and medicine. That gets a little old after awhile.

Of course with everyone I've met through triathlon we can't stop talking about racing, training, heart rates, bikes, wheels, running, etc, etc. I like these topics better. Thanks everyone for being such wonderful friends. I will think of all of you while I'm racing (with a smile on my face).

Todd (#68)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Roll with it

I've been told by everyone who has completed an Ironman to be ready to adapt and change with whatever challenges the day presents to you. In the spirit of "rolling with it" here is what I have encountered thusfar this week:

1. Rained on Wednesday and missed my usual evening ride. I have not missed that ride in 27 consecutive weeks (rain, freezing temps, 100 degree days). Done it all but this week it rained and I decided if I crashed due to rain and was injured for the race I would never forgive myself. Got in a decent 1 hour ride on the indoor trainer instead.

2. Bike transport company has scheduled pick up for Lake Placid race 5 days earlier than I anticipated. Now I will have trouble getting in my last two rides in Dallas before flying to New York.

3. Locked myself out of the house for 2.5 hours yesterday after my brick workout. Managed to get a nice nap by laying on the concrete porch. Tried to call Jen's cell phone from a neighbor's cell phone but couldn't remember the phone number. Too bad it is printed on my Road ID bracelet (that I was wearing). Smooth...

4. Bike Stem Recall. The stem on my bike (the part that connects the main part of the bike to the handlebars) has been recalled because it has cracked and fallen off in 4 cases...all resulting in rider injury. Now I have to get the stem swapped out in time for the race and try not to mess up the way the bike is set up considering I have ridden almost 3000 miles this year with that stem. Great.

Just remember, these are easy challenges compared with what I will face on July 23rd. "Roll with it."

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Men can cry

Well, I finished the longest training weekend of my life today. The details are not terribly important but suffice to say I just about did the entire Ironman race over the course of the past 2.5 days. Standard 3500 yard swim on Friday. 100 mile ride Saturday (with about 5,800 of vertical climbing total). 21 mile run on Sunday (8:30 sec/mile). It's hard to believe it is now time to taper.

As I arrived home from the run I couldn't wait to see my girls. After giving Rachel and Kate big hugs I became a little emotional. Then I hugged Jenny and it all came out. 27 weeks of dedication and devotion to this event. I admit, I cried a little bit. Not because I was in pain or injured. Rather, I was so thankful that my family let me dedicate so many hours to this endeavor. Their support has been unconditional. Jenny has never complained about me disappearing for hours on Saturday to ride my bike or the late evening swims that took away from our together time. Granted, she's ready for this thing to be over and done. This journey has been a team effort and today I felt as if the team took the field for its final practice before the big game. Thank you girls (all 3 of you).