Sunday, June 11, 2006

This is for real

The training has nearly reached its maximum. I am putting in close to 16-18 hours of training per week. Amazingly everything is still holding up pretty well. I've got some aches and pains but that is to be expected. Yesterday I rode 5 hours by myself and then ran for an hour afterwards. That was the most boring 6 hours I have ever experienced. I actually headed out at 5 am for the ride in order to try and finish before it got too hot. Managed to have the whole workout done by 11:30 am and got to enjoy the rest of the day. Actually, I slept for a majority of the afternoon on the couch to allow myself some recovery time. Managed to go out and run 18 miles this am. My shoes did not feel too good and my feet began to really hurt. I will have to go and buy new running shoes this week. Probably need two pair for training and the other for race day. Just another expense. Overall, I managed to run 42.4 miles this week. That is my largest week to date. At this point I ONLY have 3 more weeks of hard training and then I can begin my taper. Of course that means I ONLY have 5 weeks until the race occurs. Just need to stay focused and injury-free.


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