Sunday, May 21, 2006

Thanks Patty

Stumbled out of bed this morning at about 5:30 am. Ate a quick cereal bar and drank 20 oz of water. I drove over to White Rock Lake to begin my long run. I decided to run about 5 miles before the rest of the group arrived since I was planning on going about 15-16 miles (instead of the group's typical 9 miles). I made it back after my first 5 miles and joined in with the group. Off we went. Patty and I started out together and managed to make it around the entire lake stride for stride (9 miles). I always run faster with Patty. She pushes me to go harder and faster. I certainly appreciate the encouragement and competition. After finishing my 14th mile we went back out and brought in the remainder of the group. Total run distance 15.75 miles. Average pace: 8 min 10 sec per mile. That's over 20 seconds per mile faster than last weekend...thanks to Patty.

The new shoes did better this week. No new blisters or other concerning pains/swellings/etc. I should mention that I have now lost 2 toenails thanks to running long distances and have a third one on its way out. That reminds me of a great marathon shirt that read "Toenails are for wimps." I agree.

My body is still holding up pretty well. Left hamstring is still having some issues but the knees and ankles feel strong. I only have about 6 weeks of really hard training remaining. Then it's taper time.

This week's total:
Swim 10,571 yds
Bike 141 miles
Run 36.5 miles

Countdown: 62 days


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I say briefly: Best! Useful information. Good job guys.

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