Saturday, May 20, 2006

GU Packs Attack

So far I've had a rather "rough" weekend. Started out this morning with a 20 mile ride while my training partners finished up an open water swim at the lake. I joined up with them after the swim for my next 55 miles of riding. I was loaded up with energy bars, energy drinks and GU packs. Unfortunately one of them exploded in my back pocket and proceeded to drip down the back of my shorts, all over my new seat, and onto the back of my bike. This stuff is the stickiest stuff you can imagine. Well now I had it on my hands, my shorts, my seat, my bike. Everyone thought is was a real hoot. They even got a picture of me licking my seat--I'm sure that will surface somewhere. I, on the other hand, didn't find it so funny. For the next 55 miles I could feel my bike shorts "drying" onto my ass. I know that sounds horrible but that's exactly what happended. At the end of the ride I had to peal them off my butt. They were now crusty as the sugars in the GU had congealed and hardened. Also, one of my water bottles became "cemented" into its cage on the back of the bike. I had to wet it down with water to loosen the strawberry banana GU holding it firmly in place.

Of course this all happened after I fell off my bike at a stoplight. It happens from time to time if you don't get your foot out of the pedal clip in time. Of course all the cars at the intersection found it quite funny. I am now experiencing a very sore wrist (broke my fall in order to save the bike) and a severely bruised ego.

The ride today went okay. It was a hard 75 miles. The wind was in our face most of the time. The hills seemed steeper than usual and my legs felt sluggish. My current training regimen is heavy; but it has to be. This is the Ironman.

I finished out the ride with a 30 minute run at 1:30 pm in the Texas heat. It must have been 96 degrees and not a cloud in site. It hurt! However, I just kept my feet moving and slowly the time started to drop. I managed to count to 1,450 (by ones) at some point during the run. This just helps me pass the time.

Tomorrow should be interesting. I am planning a 16 mile run. Hopefully the legs (and lungs and heart) will allow it. Slow and Steady. That's the plan.

P.S. No GU packs tomorrow. Too Risky (and sticky).


Blogger Ed said...

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Blogger Ed said...

Todd's a frugal dude. Not wanting to waste any of the spilled Gu, here's the recovery attempt...

12:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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