Saturday, April 15, 2006

Where Have I Been?

Well, it's been almost 2 months since my last posting. I don't have a good excuse but here's a summary of events to at least justify my delinquency (in my mind).

1. February Distance trained:
Swim 17500 yds
Bike 300 miles
Run 81 miles

2. March Distance trained:
Swim 27300 yds
Bike 432 miles
Run 101 miles

3. April Distance Trained: (as of today)
Swim 18208 yds
Bike 250 miles
Run 61 miles

My mileage is building upward. I expect to have 33000 yds swimming, 500 miles biking, and 115 miles running by the end of April. I'll have to see if I can reach that goal.

The training is going great. So far no real injuries. My left hamstring is a little sore but the knee and ankle are holding up fine. It's been amazing, my fitness level has dramatically increased. Last weekend I ran 14 miles on Sunday and wanted to go another 5-7 miles but had to stop in order to get to church on time. That's the furthest I've ever run. Today we rode a hard 52 miles (with hills and a 30 mph wind) and then ran 4 miles afterwards. Again, I felt great and had a good pace (for me). I think the months of training this past winter are paying off. I can remember some of those rides when it was 30 degrees and we were the only "fools" out riding. We rode in the dark, the wind, the rain. I can remember going out for my early morning runs on Sunday when it as 26 degrees and thinking "What are you doing?" Now I realize it was all worth it.

This past week has been a good training week but last week I was a little burned out. My training partner (Kyson) finished an amazing race at Ironman Arizona (11 hr 24 min - Top 15% overall) and it has rejuvinated me and my training.

I finally got my fundraising letter on behalf Parkinson's Disease finished. I will be signing up for the Janus Charity Challenge this week and then sending out my solicitation letters. It is my hope and goal to raise at least $5000 in honor of my father. Thanks for reading. Train hard.


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