Sunday, February 05, 2006

Half-way through base training

Week 5 out of 10 of my base training is now complete. Overall, no big complaints or problems. My knee is holding up well. The family is adjusting to my training volume. However, I am doing the majority of it early in the morning or after the girls' bedtimes. I feel like I'm in almost as good of shape now as I was at the end of last year. The next 5 weeks will complete the base training phase and then it's time to add some volume/distance/intensity. I'm looking forward to the challenge.

The weather this winter has cooperated completely. It has been warm and dry. So far only had to miss one long ride due to rain. Hopefully the weather pattern will hold for another 6 months.

Recently had a near crash on the bike. We were in a group and one of my friends went down in front of me (at about 20 mph). Her head and shoulder hit the concrete hard---creating a noise I can't seem to forget. As the group scattered to avoid the wreck I found myself heading for a T-bone collision with one rider. After he squirted past I suddenly was riding straight for the downed rider. Fortunately my brakes worked and I was able to swerve to the right. In the end she required about 10 stitches and will need some time to heal and recover. We are all glad she is okay and will be back riding with the group soon. A crash like that could have been much worse and it certainly makes you pause and remember to try and ride carefully (not that she wasn't being careful...just bad luck).

This week Rachel (my 4 year old) announced she wants to race in another triathlon. She was quick to inform me that she wanted to race for the "fun part" and not the medal. I bet the finisher's medal won't hurt any. Jenny is strongly considering running a half-marathon and Kate (the baby) has learned to say "Bubba." Everything is good with my girls.

I ran 9 miles this morning at about 5:30 am before going to the hospital for rounds. I tried to keep it easy and smooth. I really hit my stride between miles 6 to 9 and felt like I was gliding over the streets. My pace was 8:35 per mile. Nothing great but about 45 seconds faster per mile than last year. Just need to persevere on. The season is early. Until next time.

167 days until Ironman Lake Placid. The picture above is the swim start at last year's race.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must have been the guy that "squirted past". I thought of how I really didn't want to go into that lake at 20mph... thanks for the hole. Roni's fine and raring to get back on the bike. We might see her Wednesday.

Good luck and its very nice training with you Todd.


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