Sunday, January 29, 2006

Back in the swing of things

Week 4 of base training is now complete. I have finally started to find my groove after laying off running in the fall. Managed to run 9 miles this morning. Could have gone another 3-5 comfortably but need to increase the volume slowly to prevent (or at least minimize) the risk of injury. It was an amazing morning. I left the house at 5:50 am and didn't see a car or another person for almost an hour. I like the solitude of early morning training. It really gives me time to clear my mind.

The next 6 weeks consist of increasing the amount of time and distance I train. The base training phase often proves to be the most crucial of the 30 week training program. This is an endurance event...not a sprint. Must have a solid foundation.

The following is something I have not mentioned in the blog in the past. I am still toying with the idea of trying to raise money via the Ironman race for the Parkinson's Disease Foundation in honor of my father's courageous struggle with the disease for the past 20+ years. My journey to complete the 140.6 miles pales in comparison to the battle he has been engaged in for all these years. Slowly I have watched this horid disease rob him of his mobility, his speech, and slowly his mind. Every time I feel as if I can't go any further running, riding or swimming I think of his struggle and find that extra ounce of drive. His battle drives my passion to succeed. If I'm going to try and raise money in his honor I will need to make the committment soon.

Week 5 starts tomorrow. Looking forward to getting back on the bike since we had too much rain this weekend to allow for riding.
Race countdown: 174 days.


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