Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Final Preparations

It is now 4 days before the 1/2 Ironman race. It's hard to believe it is so close. This week I have greatly reduced my training volume. As best I can tell the week of the race is supposed to rejuvinate my tired legs, back, and shoulders. So far I have only felt sluggish. My body had grown accustomed to the previous training volume I was logging. I guess that's a good sign--that I want to do more miles and more time. However, everything I have read indicates it is necessary to really take it easy this week. I need my legs to feel completely rested on Sunday morning. I guaruntee they are going hurt immensely by mile 5-6 of the 1/2 marathon.

Training for this race has really made the summer go fast. It has been extremely hot these past 3 months and somehow we (me, Ed, Kyson, and Jason) managed to force ourselves to ride every Wednesday evening despite the 100+ degree temps and red ozone days. The miles have been logged and the injuries have been tended to and now it is time to put it all on the line and get to work. This will be the longest endurance event any of us have ever undertaken. That being said I believe I am more ready for this than any prior race. Of course can you ever feel completely ready?

My regrets: 1. Not practicing running after finishing the long bike rides on Saturdays 2. Not swimming as much as I wanted these past 2-3 weeks.

All told this weekend will prove to be an extremely challenging one. I know that my legs will want to quit at some point but hopefully my mind won't let them. Hydration and nutrition are vital in a race of this distance. Pacing will prove to be essential. The race is not won during the swim or the bike. Rather it is survived during the run. I'll try to post again right before the race and definitely after the race. I can't imagine what it will feel like to cross that finish line.

Final Training Totals (since Feb 2005) Swim: 130,000 yds Bike: 1,995 miles Run: 360 miles.

Remaining Totals: Swim 1.2 mile Bike 56 miles Run 13.1 miles


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