Sunday, July 17, 2005

Ironhead Race Report

The Ironhead Dallas Triathlon is now complete. I did not quite make my goal of going under 2 hr 30 min. Final time 2 hr 32 min. Overall I am happy with my performance under the given conditions...well, except for the run.

The swim was a typical open water course. The wind was fairly strong and the chop was heavy at times. Overall time 25 min 17 sec. That was good enough for 4th in my age group. I am happy with my swim pace and time.

The bike went remarkably well for me. I averaged 22.5 mph for the 26 miles (a new personal record). The wind was a bit stiff on the open parts of the course and that kept me from averaging 23 mph (maybe next year). There was a huge dead armadillo on the side of road. Nothing a bit of Texas flavor on the race course. My biggest goal on the bike was to not get caught by too many of the people I beat on the swim.

Of course the triathlon has to end with a run. I can't run at all. My form was sloppy, my legs ached, and my pace was a whopping 8 min 57 sec per mile. That unfortunately dropped me way back in the overall and age group standings. There has to be something I can do to improve my run. Maybe hire a running coach. I will need to keep working on speed drills and improve my form.

Overall, I am pleased with my results. Didn't beat my time goal but only missed it by 2 minutes. If I can improve my run I think I can achieve my goal. The 1/2 Ironman will be the next race on that course. The run (13.2 miles) goes out across the dam in the middle of the noonday sun (The only shade is under the water station tables). It was hot out there today but nothing like it will be in September. I will have to continue to run in the late afternoon sun at least once per week. Also, I need to practice my brick workouts. Off to officially put down my money for the 1/2 Ironman. Until next time.


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